Infinite Images is a Hampshire based CGI studio. We work with architects, designers, marketing agencies, planners and developers to produce highly realistic, accurate CGI’s to showcase your work.

With a long history of successful delivery there is no project, big or small, we can’t visualize. We create thoughtful, emotive, story telling images to showcase your design in its best light. Using a CGI work flow we have developed for over 20 years, with photographic techniques, up to date hardware and software and a vast knowledge of architecture and the industry we always succeed in delivering the best quality work with our clients.

We have a passion for creating emotive, storytelling images and always work closely with our clients. We listen to the requirements and give every image we make careful thought to get the best possible outcome.

With our vast knowledge of composition, photography, lighting techniques, material composition, colour, scale and post production we know we always achieve great results.


Andy Butler

Andy is the principal and founder. Having gained over 20 years experience in the CGI industry and created Infinite Images.

Andy studied Art and Design at college and after successfully completing the course with distinction went to work for an Architectural CGI studio as a Junior artist. With no prior knowledge of the industry he learnt quickly and helped the studio to become one of the up and coming in the country. He setup a bespoke CGI learning course whilst there and began training students on how to create architectural CGI images.

After that initial learning he moved on to an exhibition design studio and worked there for many years producing all of their CGI requirements in house. From there he was asked to join an Architectural CGI Studio where he worked as part of a team to create stunning CGI images, animations, 360 panoramic tours and interactive web content.

From there he moved to a London based studio who wanted to start doing CGI in house. As their initial lead artist he quickly showed his skills working as an individual in CGI and and helped the studio grow in to a team of strong CGI artists. He helped each to develop their skills and mindset to become stronger and the studio to become one of the best around. He was quickly made an Associate Director and continued to lead the team, manage projects and clients and ensure the quality was always at it's highest and also, with a keen thirst for knowledge he made sure the studio was always developing new skills.

With a keen eye for detail, an ability to remain calm under pressure and a love for sharing his knowledge with his peers and students he is very well placed in the industry to succeed.

Andy recently completed and passed the Corona Academy course to become a certified corona render user. This shows that he has a superior knowledge when it comes to the software used to create his CGI renders. He has also been using and studying VRay for over 15 years too.


Infinite images offers lots of option to suit your CGI requirements. We specialise in Architectural imagery including AVR’s for planning. We can create stills, animations and 360º VR tours with cutting edge smooth movement VR headsets.


AVR’s or Verified Views are photomontages that have been through a verification process to ensure the final representation of your development is highly accurate. Done to a strict methodology and issued with a report they are used for Planning and environmental impact assessments. We have been producing AVR’s for over 20 years.




Our exterior CGI’s also offer the highest fathoms of realism. Whether fully CGI or a photomontage we work closely with our clients to match the exact look and feel of your development. Combine these with some interior CGI’s and you have the ultimate Architectural package ready for marketing.


What is SmoothMove? SmoothMove is a new way of showcasing your development using 360 panoramics. Rather than jumping from one location to another like standard panoramic tours, our technology allows you to smoothly navigate within your 3D Scene on ANY Smart phone, Tablet, Games Console, Computer or Smart TV.

If you prefer a standard 360 tour that can be used on a VR headset then we can create those too.

SmoothMOVE & VR



Our Interior work portrays a space perfectly with a final look that is so good, it’s hard to believe we haven’t just taken a photo. We always ensure realism in our work and have realistic camera setups for that extra natural looking touch.


We love doing product CGI’s. Ours are unique in that we have a library of virtual photography studios setup and ready to go. So we can quickly drop your product in and create your product marketing images easily and quickly. Or we can create a bespoke one for you.

Stills, animations, technical breakdowns, multi colour ways and explodes are some of what we offer.



It is said “A picture paints a thousand words” so what does that say about an animation? An animation is made up of multiple pictures per second to create video, so you can paint as many words as you want to. From a fly through of an architectural development, to an animated product breakdown. They can be fully CGI or camera matched video from a drone, it’s all achievable with our high end animations.

Great for products, interiors and exteriors.

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