What is a Product CGI?

We are able to show our clients what their product designs look like before they have actually made them. It could be anything from a new piece of furniture, a watch, jewellery, a kitchen appliance, anything you can imagine. 

Our approach to Product imagery is collaborative, artistic and hugely beneficial to the product sector. We work quickly to Producing marketing ready images for their advertising needs.


Everything you see on this page is a CGI image.

Product CGI

Our bespoke 3D studio lighting setups save a lot of time, effort and money because we can quickly generate any lighting setup required to show off your products in a photorealistc way. No studio fees or physical prototype builds are required.

Whether a small interior photography setup or a larger scale exterior for a vehicle we can setup anything in our software to represent your artistic vision.

Colourway Showcase CGI

Lots of different colour ways for your product? No Problem. Want to add more at a future date? No problem. Using CGI to market your product means we can easily add more colour ways to your designs. Whether a simple colour change, or a more complicated mixture of textures, we always store your 3D files for future use and our rendering technology means we can create multiple material setups in one file ready for rendering at the touch of a button. 

Our product sliders are a great way to show different colours or materials on the same product.

Use the mouse or your finger to slide between colours, different finishes or before and after images for comparison.

Two colour slider


Triple Colour Slider


Multiple Texture Slider

With this feature you can show as many different images as you’d like to. Each one can be moved to compare different finishes to your product.


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