Exterior CGI's

What is an Exterior CGI?

Architectural CGI’s, both interior and exterior, are the staple of what we do at Infinite Images. With a long history of helping our clients deliver their marketing and advertising images to help sell properties whilst they are being built. If you have some empty rooms that you need to put to market, our interior CGI’s are so realistic they are often mistaken for photographs.

Baden Powell House


With the perfect compositions, our exterior camera setups are true to real life full frame digital SLR cameras. We believe showing an exterior space through a realistic lens is fundamental in producing realistic imagery.

Using these real world setups also enables us to replicate depth of field, motion blur and exact exposures further enhancing your images.

Clever composition is key to showing off your developments in the best way possible.

Using photographs to montage your development in to also gives an added realism.


Recreating the actual real lighting within a scene is critical. We can create realistic daylight systems, true to anywhere in the world to accurately portray your interiors as they would be if they existed.

WE also use image based lighting which is a fundamental way to showcase exterior images with realistic lighting. Using real photographs of skies to light the 3D models allows our images that extra realistic touch.

We can create day or night setups in any environment to show off your exterior design intent perfectly.


Having perfect accurate representations of materials is a no brainer. With materials that don’t match the design intent the CGI’s will look like CGi’s and we don’t want that. 

We have an extensive library of real materials at our disposal. These have been created from real life materials to ensure accuracy. 

We can also create our own bespoke versions to suit your specification. With an eye for the small details like sub surface scattering of light, fingerprints, dirt,reflectivity values and texture on the surface, we build complex materials to perfectly replicate this nuances.


We can model any exterior development, no matter how complex. 

Whether its a set of CGI’s for a new large housing estate, a sky scraper in Dubai, a shopping centre or new educational facility, we can accurately model any development no matter how big or small. Nothing is off limits.


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