Verified Views / AVR

What is an AVR?

An Accurate Visual Representation (AVR) also known as a Verified View is a highly accurate photomontage that has been created through a defined process called a methodolgy to combine a new proposal into a photograph of the existing context. AVR’s are used to show the massing, visibility impact, location, architectural form and specification of materials of a proposed development.


For over 20 years our AVR images have been used in successful planning applications all over the UK.

Types of AVR

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  • AVR 0
  • AVR 1
  • AVR 2
  • AVR 3
Whats does each level show?AVR 0AVR 1AVR 2AVR 3
Whats does each level show?
Position, location and massing outline
Development masked in to photograph
Development facade details are shown in one flat colour
Full material specification
We offer different levels of AVR imagery. You can select any mix of these for your methodology report.

AVR Level 0

AVR Level 1

AVR Level 2

AVR Level 3

AVR Production

Whats the process?

What's involved?

Methodology Report

As part of our AVR work we will produce a methodology report which will show each view and it’s specific technical data to produce the AVR image. Our process follows the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) technical guidance and the London View Management Framework (LVMF). You can access these via the buttons below.

Useful info.

What do we need?

To get your AVR’s completed we will need a few things from you before we can begin the work.

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